School Choice

School Choice

The 2023-2024 school choice open enrollment period closed as of January 11, 2023, with the exception of Kindergarten applications.        

Kindergarten Applications
Kindergarten applications be submitted online at By submitting online applications at, parents experience a user-friendly interface which allows them to quickly submit applications to the schools of choice for their children. The online system offers both English and Spanish options for school choice applications. 

When visiting, parents must create an account with a user name and password. It is recommended that the user name be an e-mail address. Once an account has been created, the parent can select up to three schools. However, three schools are not required for completion of an application. Simply select the school(s) of interest and enter the child’s information. Parents can also apply to the Spanish Immersion Program for Kindergarten. (Certain conditions apply for application of Spanish Immersion in subsequent grades). A separate application must be submitted for each child and he/she must be registered in his/her home school for consideration.

Parents will receive an e-mail confirmation once their school choice application has been submitted. 

Good Cause Applications

IRSD will also consider "choice" applications outside of open enrollment when "Good Cause" exists. As we know life doesn't happen on a schedule. Sometimes changing family circumstances make "choicing" your child to a particular school a necessity. Below are the definitions for Good Cause: 

  • A change in the family residence within Delaware.
  • A family moves to Delaware from out of state
  • A change in the marital status of the parents
  • A change in guardianship
  • Placement in foster care or Adoption
  • Participation in a foreign exchange to Delaware
  • A child who is in a substance abuse or health treatment program
  • A reported, recorded and substantiated instance of "bullying" against their child as defined in §4112D of Title 14
  • Another reason that is consistent with the reasons above

Please be advised that not only would your request need to meet the definition of “Good Cause”, but:

  • Space must be available within the building, classroom.
  • Attendance and Discipline are deciding factors

Please the below link to begin completion of the Good Cause Application.


For more information about school choice or the online application system, please contact the IRSD district office at (302) 436-1000. 

Preston Lewis
Administrator of Student Services
(302) 436-1000