Student Registration and School Enrollment

Attending School is a big step for children and for you as a parent or caregiver. The Indian River School District is here to help you with the process!

To register your child please find the registration process below. We have included hyperlinks in the underlined resources to assist you during registration.    

In accordance with Delaware Code, the Indian River School District now offers an online registration process. For information, visit the Delaware Department of Education enrollment page. The IRSD registration system can be accessed by using the links below.

School Year 2022-2023


To preregister for 2023-2024 (needed for school choice applications) 


If you do not wish to utilize the online registration process, you may still register your child by following the steps below.


Steps to Student Registration                                                                                                
 Step 1 – Locate Your School

Use the online School Locator to locate your local elementary school. You can also contact district office at 302-436-1000. ***Please note if you wish to request attendance at another home school you must follow and complete the School Choice Application process.

 Step 2 – Complete the Student Registration Forms

 Please complete the Student Registration Forms found on this page. 

 Step 3 –Gather Required Documentation.

 Complete the forms online and gather the following documentation:

Step 4 - Submit Student Registration Forms and required documents to your "home" school through the registration emails below: 

School             Email                          
Georgetown Elementary                              [email protected]         
North Georgetown Elementary   [email protected]    
Long Neck Elementary [email protected]
East Millsboro Elementary [email protected]
Lord Baltimore Elementary [email protected]
Phillip Showell Elementary  [email protected]
John M. Clayton Elementary  [email protected]
Millsboro Middle School [email protected]
Selbyville Middle School [email protected]
Georgetown Middle School [email protected]
Indian River High School [email protected] 
Sussex Central High School [email protected]
Teachers and staff are excited to meet you and your child!