(Exceptional, Cognitive, Enrichment Learning)

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Program Description 

ExCEL is an enrichment program for students in grades 4 and 5 who demonstrate, or who have the potential to demonstrate, superior intellectual abilities and academic aptitudes.  The program provides a differentiated educational program in the area of general intellectual ability.  Participating students engage in small group instruction provided in resource rooms within the school.  This arrangement provides horizontal enrichment opportunities to foster the development of higher mental processes, independent study, and problem solving.  Concurrent with program operation, program staff members develop curriculum so that a sequential plan evolves.

Definition of Gifted and Talented

Based on the definition accepted by the Department of Education and developed by the curriculum committee of the National Association of Secondary School Principals:

“Gifted and Talented Children, identified by professionally qualified persons, are those who by virtue of outstanding abilities are capable of high performance.  The require differentiated educational programs and/or services beyond those normally provided by the regular school program in order to realize their contribution to self and society”.

(The preceding definition is comparable with the standard reference to gifted or talented persons contained in 3103 (3) of Title 14, Delaware Code).

ExCEL Program Goals 

The ExCEL program has been designed....

  1. To provide an opportunity which will enable the student to maximize his/her superior intellectual abilities and/or academic aptitudes.
  2. To provide an environment which will enable the student to develop his/her potential, particularly in critical and creative thinking and problem solving.
  3. To provide an atmosphere which will enable the student to develop independent goals and to assume responsibility for meeting those goals.
  4. To provide activities which will enable the student to gain greater self-expression, self-investigation, and self-knowledge.
  5. To provide experiences which will enable the student to develop a sense of responsibility toward mankind.
  6. To provide a divergent curriculum which will enable the student to apply decision-making skills to current and future issues.

Student Objectives 

Given the prescribed ExCEL environment, opportunities, and curriculum, the student will....

  1. Involve himself/herself in activities which require interpretation, application, critical thinking (analysis and synthesis), and evaluation.
  2. Continue to develop special interests and aptitudes.
  3. Work cooperatively in group discussions and activities.
  4. Engage in independent study and projects which incorporate criterion-based evaluations.
  5. Develop greater facility in planning and conducting research.
  6. Use varied forms of expression to communicate ideas.
  7. Increase individual responsibility for independent learning and social interaction.
Who's Who in ExCEL

Your teachers are for 2022-2023 are:

Dawn Keenan: LN, PS, EM and SDSA, [email protected]
Jacqueline Yerkes:  JMC, NG, GE and LB, [email protected]

Please contact your child's ExCEL teacher for information specific to his/hers school specific information.  For general questions about the ExCEL program, please contact [email protected] .