Bullying & Crime Report Form
Please DO NOT use this form to submit sales inquiries or to contact the district for any purpose other than reporting instances of bullying or school crime. Any sales inquiries submitted through this form will be disregarded.  
Bullying Prevention & School Crime Form
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Note: The information provided will remain anonymous.
Students, parents and any member of the Indian River School District community can anonymously report bullying or illegal activities related to our schools by submitting the Reporting Form below.

Though reports may be made anonymously, the more information provided in the report, the more helpful that report is. Should you wish to be contacted by administration please include your name and contact information in the appropriate fields.

Indian River School District will fully investigate all reports, anonymous or otherwise. However, no disciplinary action will be taken against an alleged perpetrator solely on the basis of an anonymous report.


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East Millsboro Elementary School
Georgetown Elementary School
Georgetown Kindergarten Center
John M. Clayton Elementary School
Long Neck Elementary School
Lord Baltimore Elementary School
North Georgetown Elementary School
Phillip C. Showell Elementary School
Georgetown Middle School
Millsboro Middle School
Selbyville Middle School
Indian River High School
Sussex Central High School
G.W. Carver Center
Howard T. Ennis School
Southern Delaware School of the Arts
Other / Unknown
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