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Indian River School District Programs

The Indian River School District is committed to meeting the educational needs of every student, regardless of age, race, economic background or academic ability. To meet this goal, the district has several special programs serving students ranging in age from preschool to Grade 12. These successful, award ­winning programs have helped make Indian River one of the finest public school districts in the State of Delaware.

International Baccalaureate (I.B.)
Offered at Sussex Central High School, this internationally­ recognized curriculum requires 11th­ and 12th ­grade students to take and test in six subjects over a two ­year period while also completing core classes in reasoning, extended essay and “Creativity, Action and Service.” Sussex Central is one of only three Delaware high schools to offer an IB diploma, which provides students with college credit, recruitment by top colleges and greater opportunities for grants and loans.

AVID: Advancement Via Individual Determination
The Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program is an elective class for eighth and ninth­ grade students at Millsboro Middle School, Georgetown Middle School and Sussex Central High School. The overall goal of the program is to make college a reality for more students. Designed for students performing in the academic middle, AVID builds motivation, foundational learning and academic self­ confidence while providing insight into college expectations.

STEM Pathway/Robotics
Indian River High School’s STEM Academy Pre-­Engineering Pathway features foundational courses in engineering design, the principles of engineering and digital electronics. There are also elective courses in civil engineering, architecture and computer ­integrated manufacturing. The goal of the pathway is to develop student interest in design and engineering in preparation for post-secondary education and careers in STEM ­related fields. The “project ­based” pathway not only enhances students’ math, science and technology skills but also hones their critical­thinking abilities. As a result, students will be better prepared for college and real world employment. In addition, Selbyville Middle School’s robotics program introduces students to concepts taught in the STEM pathway and helps them decide if they want to pursue that course of study in high school.

Spanish Immersion
Spanish immersion gives young learners the opportunity to acquire a second language in a developmentally ­appropriate format. Kindergarten students spend half of each school day learning in English and the other half of the day learning in Spanish. No other type of instruction, short of living in a second ­language environment, is as successful in helping students attain high levels of second language proficiency and well­ developed cultural skills. The program is offered at John M. Clayton and East Millsboro elementary schools.
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TOTS: Transitioning Our Toddlers to School
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Dual Enrollment
Through special partnerships with the University of Delaware and Delaware Technical and Community College, 12th ­grade students at Indian River High School are completing college ­level coursework prior to graduation. Students are completing the University of Delaware’s E110 course, which is a requirement for all freshman college students. The three ­credit hour course teaches the writing and research skills that students will utilize throughout their college careers. The program introduces students to college ­level course work, provides them with the writing and research skills needed to be successful in college and gives them college credit at the time of their high school graduation. The partnership with Del Tech gives students the opportunity to complete courses in sociology and anatomy and physiology. Students in the program are dually enrolled in both Indian River High School and either UD or DelTech.

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ExCEL: Exceptional, Cognitive, Enrichment Learning
ExCEL is an enrichment program for students in Grades 4 and 5 who demonstrate, or who have the potential to demonstrate, superior intellectual abilities and academic aptitudes. The program provides a differentiated educational program in the area of general intellectual ability. Participating students engage in small group instruction that provides horizontal enrichment opportunities to foster the development of higher mental processes, independent study and problem solving.
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Outdoor Education Center at Ingram Pond
The Ingram Pond Outdoor Science Center provides our elementary and middle school students with the unique opportunity to engage first-hand with the scientific principles they are learning in traditional classrooms.  Located along the 24-acre Ingram Pond in Millsboro, Delaware, science extension activities at the center include the study of native plant and animal species, water quality analysis, erosion control strategies, and rocket propulsion simulations.  Middle school students also have the opportunity to canoe on the pond and visit James Farm in Ocean View, Delaware to compare saltwater and freshwater habitats.  The Ingram Pond Outdoor Science Center also serves as a training facility for elementary and middle school teachers from across the county to help ensure quality science education in our schools.
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