College Planning Resources
  • $tand By Me
    Are you looking for financial aid & scholarship assistance? Visit this website for important information on paying for college!
  • Academic Common Market The Academic Common Market is a tuition-savings agreement between 15 states that are members of the Southern Regional Education Board. If your degree program is not offered by a public college in Delaware, you may be eligible for in-state tuition at one of the participating public colleges.
  • Best College Fit
    Students learn to find the colleges that fit them best and to make decisions that help them compete for admission.
  • Big Future
    Get ready for college - College Planning, Financial Aid & Educator Resources
  • Campus Explorer
    Get personalized help with college planning, Save and compare Schools & Access more than 1.9 million scholarships!
  • College Navigator
    This website will help keep you on track throughout the college planning process.
  • College Planning Checklist
    From elementary school through high school the checklist includes items to help guide your student's pathway to college.
  • College Planning Checklist by Grade - Best
    This checklist will highlight the important deadlines and benchmarks students will encounter on the road to college!
  • College Results Online
    College Results Online provides information about graduation rates for colleges and universities across the country.
  • College Week Live
    With online college fair events happening nearly everyday, CollegeWeekLive makes it easy to find information on the college of your choice!
  • CollegeXpress
    CollegeXpress is the resource you need to find the perfect college and find ways to pay for it!
  • Delaware Community Foundation
    Scholarship information and online applications.
  • Delaware Goes to College
    A centralized resource of college planning activities and resources in Delaware
  • Delaware Higher Education Office
    Delaware Higher Education Office works to ensure that Delawareans have access to state resources for higher education.
  • FAFSA Completion Resource - A step-by-step overview of completing & submitting your FAFSA, compiled by
  • FAFSA Check list - Everything you need to successfully submit your FAFSA. 
  • College resource guide for students with disabilities- Transitioning from high school to college can be a major life change for anyone, but especially so for students with disabilities. This is why it can be so beneficial to start preparing for independence and higher education while still attending high school.