Board of Education
Indian River Board of Education 2022-2023
Board Member Election District Term Expiration E-mail
Rodney M. Layfield, President District 2
[email protected]
Leolga T. Wright, Vice President
District 3
[email protected]
Derek E. Cathell
District 5 2024 [email protected]
W. Scott Collins District 5 2024 [email protected]
James E. Fritz District 1 2026 [email protected]
Dr. Donald G. Hattier District 4 2024 [email protected]
Madeline R. Moses  District 1  2026  [email protected] 
Gerald T. Peden
District 2
2025 [email protected]
Constance T. Pryor District 4 2025 [email protected] 
Dr. Heather M. Statler
District 3 2024 [email protected]

Rodney Layfield
Rodney M. Layfield, District 2, President
Board member since 2010

Leolga Wright
Leolga T. Wright, District 3, Vice President
Board member since 2012

Derek Cathell
Derek E. Cathell, District 5
Board member since 2018

Scott Collins
W. Scott Collins, District 5
Board member since 2011

James Fritz
James E. Fritz, District 1
Board member since 2012

Donald Hattier
Dr. Donald G. Hattier, District 4
Board member since 2002

Madeline Moses
Madeline R. Moses, District 1
Board member since 2021

Gerald Peden
Gerald T. Peden, District 2
Board member since 2015

Constance Pryor
Constance T. Pryor, District 4
Board member since 2020

Heather Statler
Dr. Heather M. Statler, District 3
Board member since 2015