Nemours Link
Nemours Link
The Student Health Collaboration
Making It Easier for School Nurses to Care for Your Child
Some children with health problems must visit the school nurse every day. The school
nurse checks on them, treats them, and tracks their progress. The nurse needs help
from parents or guardians to do their job. The nurse also needs to know what a child’s
health care provider recommends.
Nemours is making it easier for school nurses who work in Delaware public schools to
be a part of your child’s care team. They can log on to NemoursLink®, our electronic
medical records system, with their computer. There, they can see a child’s plan of care and information about almost every visit to Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for
Children or a Nemours Pediatrics office. School nurses can only view a child’s records
if a parent or guardian has signed a form in advance.
Delaware school districts signed up to participate so that school nurses can connect
to Nemours information about students at their school. The program that makes this
possible is called The Student Health Collaboration.
What is NemoursLink®?
NemoursLink® is a secure way for Nemours to share medical information with
community medical providers. 
What records can the school nurse see?
With NemoursLink®, a school nurse can see most things that happen when a Nemours provider treats a child. For example, the school nurse can see notes from the doctor, an asthma action plan, can find out about medicines and how to use them, and can see lab and imaging reports. If a doctor says a child can miss school or PE, the nurse can see the letter, but cannot see records from behavioral health or psychiatric visits.
Is my child’s medical information safe?
Before anyone can see your child’s health record, you must sign a form and return it to
the school nurse or a Nemours provider. It allows approved school nurses to see your
child’s medical record. For added safety, Nemours keeps track of everyone who uses
NemoursLink® and what they view.
How long will my child’s form be valid?
Only through June 30 of the current school year. You must sign a new form if your
child will attend summer school, or if not, before the new school year begins. 
Must I participate?
No. You can decide whether or not to sign up for your child. If interested, ask your
school nurse or Nemours provider for a form.
Why should I sign up?
The more school nurses know, the more they can do to help. NemoursLink® connects them to information from the Nemours experts who care for your child. Please note that your input is very important. Stay in touch with the school nurse. Tell them right away if your child’s care plan or medicine changes – and anything else you think they should know.
For more about the Student Health Collaboration program,
talk to your school nurse or Nemours provider.